Does Magnetic Laundry System Work?

Does Magnetic Laundry System work? Many people are nowadays wasting their money buying flavored, dirt removing detergents to do their laundry. This, however, damages the real fabric quality of your clothes which then becomes useless just after a few washes.

Some of the chemicals used to remove hard stains from the clothes seem to spoil the garments and often causes some type of irritation, skin infection and other related complications.

For this reason, some companies have come up with an innovative technology that is meant to help users reduce or eliminate the use of chemical detergents when doing their laundry.

And that’s where the Magnetic Laundry System comes into play. does magnetic laundry system work

Well, tough economic times mean cutting back your expenditure in any way you can, and cutting down your detergents is just one way of doing it.

So the Magnetic Laundry System claims to be the best solution to those who wish to save hundreds of dollars each year on detergent laundry.

The innovators of the system claim that you can actually ditch your detergent and replace it with some sort of magnets that will help dirt to stick to water and be washed away.

Apart from saving you money, the magnets are marketed as an environmentally friendly solution since no chemicals are involved.

What Is The Magnetic Laundry System?

Before I proceed any further with praising or tearing down the Magnetic Laundry system, I thought we should take a closer look at answering how does Magnetic Laundry System work and what is it all about?

So as already mentioned the system is an innovative piece of technology that allows everyone to cut down and even eliminate the use of chemical detergents. This is great news for you, as here’s a few benefits.

  • The newly patented magnetic technology is geared towards supporting a healthier life.
  • No more chemical detergents that are absorbed by the skin…
  • These same chemicals can end up causing health issues such skin irritation.
  • No need to worry about the quality of your fabric being comprimised.

The system requires that you place the magnetic units on the agitator, and you leave them in place when you’re done.

How Does Magnetic Laundry System Work?

The Magnetic Laundry System works in a unique way by utilizing the application of magnetic force. Water is known as a universal solvent. The magnets incorporate versatile, specially calibrated magnetism which helps to change the basic nature of water by increasing its solvency.

First, you need to understand that laundry detergents aren’t natural soaps, they are petrochemicals refined from crude oil.

Again, water is a universal detergent, so whether you use the Magnetic Laundry System or laundry detergents, what ultimately cleans your clothes is water. So all these products only help water to clean better.

does magnetic laundry system work

The Magnetic Laundry System promises that you can archive similar results by using this renewable, chemical-free magnetic technology and eliminate the non-renewable petrochemicals.

As you may already know, magnetism an incredibly powerful force; it’s an exceptional source of energy. Think of the small magnets on your regenerator; they defy the force of gravity to stay on your refractor and hold paper for decades, without batteries or being plugged into some external power source.

  • The Magnetic Laundry system simply harnesses this free energy from the environment and leverages it in your washing machine.

At an atomic level, all matter is affected by magnetism. The set of powerful magnets placed in the agitator in your washing machine generate a magnetic field that alters the surface tension of water, a similar concept that chemical detergents use. This releases dirt and oils in your garments.

When the innovation was first launched, some people were a little skeptical, but all that is now changing a few years down the line.

And I understand if you’re also a little skeptical right now, but keep reading.

But Does Magnetic Laundry System Work? I Mean Does It REALLY Work?

Since the product was launched, there has been an impressive number of positive reviews both online and offline. Most users are appreciating the fact that they can reduce the number of detergents they need to use, and sometimes even eliminate detergents completely.

  • Some users have reported that the Magnetic Laundry System is able to get rid of odors that chemical detergents are sometimes not able to eliminate.

Most detergents just mask the stinking laundry odor with a scent without actually eliminating the odor. Individuals with chemical sensitivities have also come to appreciate this detergent-free technology as they don’t have to deal with skin irritations anymore.

Most users are also happy that they don’t need to figure out the types of detergents to buy, which ones altered their formulations, which ones to use for which type of garments, and so on.

One of the toughest stains is cat pee. does magnetic laundry system work

One user recounts in an online review that the Magnetic Laundry System was actually able to get rid of cat pee on a bath mat.

If you’ve dealt with cat pee before, you understand how tough this challenge can get. Thankfully for him, both the stain and the smell were effectively cleared without using detergents or one of those special pet stain treatments.

Although you can still use cold water with the Magnetic Laundry System, the manufacturer, and indeed many users have observed that using hot or warm water gives better results. So if you have something extra challenging, consider using hot water.

Before using the Magnetic Laundry System for your first time, consider cleaning the residual scum from the washer. You can do this by placing the laundry system units in the washer drum, adding four cups of vinegar and then running the cycle with some old towels or rags.

Magnetic Laundry System Pros

  • Saves you money since it requires fewer cycles and uses no detergent.
  • The Magnetic Laundry System is affordable, user-friendly and highly effective.
  • It provides a healthy washing solution helping you to avoid toxic detergent chemicals.

Magnetic Laundry System Cons


There are a few cases of skepticism online about the practicability of this technology, but like with any other new technology, this is expected.

Luckily, many users are gaining more understating and awareness about how this technology works and are getting to appreciate its benefits.

The best part about washing laundry with this system is that it doesn’t damage your fabric, effectively removes stains and odor while saving money, your health, and the environment.

So does Magnetic Laundry System work? You bet it does!

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